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Access Control Systems

Access Control systems are of two types

  1. Conventional Access Control
  2. Biometric access control

In a conventional Access Control, a keycard or a pin is used to authenticate the identity of the person. However, these practices are slowly diminishing and Biometric access control systems are replacing the conventional systems for a more secure workspace.

A biometric access system detects the physical characteristics of a person. This system is used for its sensitivity and higher success rate in protection than pins and keycards. With the help of Biometric sensors, an input is taken from the concerned individual and on authentication entry is granted.

The following types are seen in the Biometric Access Control System

  • Fingerprint Recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • Iris Recognition
  • Palm Recognition

Product Range

We provide all sort of Access Control System

Fingerprint Recognition
A fingerprint consists of arches, whorls, and loops along with the outlines of edges, minutiae and furrows. These are captured and detected and utilised for authentication process.
Face Recognition
A digital image of the concerned person is captured while authenticating him or her, and checked with the data that has been fed to the system and access is granted..
Iris Recognition
Wherever there is an identity authentication strictly observed, Iris recognition access control is widely used. The Capturing of the iris image is very safe and doesn't affect the eye Such access control systems increase the value of the organisation and are very secure.
Palm Recognition
Palm Vein Access Control System is a robust authentication system that utilizes vascular pattern biometric technology to deliver fast and convenient identification.

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